To re-brand, or not to re-brand?

Large business & corporate branding

Every brand is a promise to those you serve - your customers.  To consistently do or offer something that customers expect your company to deliver.

Your brand signifies WHO you are, WHAT you do, WHY you do it, and for WHO you do it for. who you do it FOR. It’s your promise to your customers.

It's becoming more common in the age of corporate social responsibility for corporations to re-brand, to align more with their customers' values. 

We can rebrand your corporation with an image and characteristics that better align your values with your customers, to humanise your relationships.

We can talk to your customers through surveys and other research tools, to understand what they really value.  We can then provide a marketing strategy with a brand identity that reflects this. 

Consistent communication across your advertising will help establish a stronger, more recognisable brand.

Marketing services

These are examples of marketing, strategy, and branding services we can provide for corporations and large businesses.  These can be modified to better suit your situation.

Staff training


• Staff brand workshop
• Linkedin training

Basic corporate bundle


• Customer & staff survey
• Market analysis
• Positioning strategy
• Staff brand workshop

Ultimate corporate bundle


Customer & staff survey
• Market analysis
• Brand & content strategy
• Website copy & brand story
• Staff branding  &  Linkedin training
• 5 pieces of content

Talk to us

We can provide a custom service for corporations, based on what you need.  Contact us to chat more.