Daniel Hopper

Business owner / Marketing Consultant

I launched BYB Marketing to share my knowledge and passion for marketing with the world.  I feel like I have value to add to businesses with their marketing.

Ever since my introduction to marketing class during my degree, I had a keen interest in marketing.  The psychology behind it. 

At 21 years old, I quit my engineering job after taking custody of my young son, to do a business degree.

This resulted in a Master’s Degree in Marketing 5 years later.

In 2015, after having an ice cream business for a short period, real estate sales seemed like a good idea. I figured that it was mostly marketing (Boy, how I was wrong!).

I wanted to be able to grow my brand through marketing. 

I went on to complete a Master's Degree in Marketing, and I wrote a thesis on the consumption of rock concerts. 🎸 

I have subsequently been published in the Australasian Marketing Journal, with interesting findings in the areas of authenticity, consumption communities & identity, and wellbeing.

I have numerous jobs with aspects of marketing, communication, sales and management involved over the past ten years. 

I've been a marketing assistant at a museum, worked at the Rugby and Cricket World Cups as a media assistant, owned an ice cream store, worked in market research and as a marketing academic, and been a real estate agent.  Amongst other things.

I am an experienced marketer, and I have become well-known locally as a Linkedin content creator, and as the organiser of the Linkedin Local Hamilton networking events.

I'm a creative soul.  I always have an idea.  This business gives me the opportunity to focus that creativity into really helping people.

I love rock music, having a whisky, going to the gym, and I'm obsessed with basketball. 🏀

I'll shout you a coffee.

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