Linkedin Training

We teach business owners and consultants how to utilise Linkedin to attract business.

If you're in B2B (business to business), you need to be active on Linkedin.  EIghty percent of leads sourced for B2B marketing now come from Linkedin. 

Even if you're not B2B, you should be active on Linkedin.  52% of buyers list Linkedin as the most influential channel during their research.

There are now 645 million users on Linkedin worldwide, 310 million of those active users - typically professionals aged 30 to 50 years.

What's more, Linkedin has higher organic (non-paid) reach than any other social media platform, making it create an audience.

Use Linkedin to grow your business

Use LinkedIn to build your brand, grow relationships and attract leads.

Learn the following strategies plus others:
▸Showcase your Linkedin profile and use it to increase traffic to your website.
▸Build your network and increase your professional relationships.
▸Target your ideal client or customers with content that positions you as an expert.
▸Grow your influence and following through exposing your brand to more people. ▸Strategies to drive sales and revenue from Linkedin to your website.
▸Build a community around your brand, create raving fans and increase loyalty.

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