50 marketing topics Webinar

Become a better marketer.  Interactive learning from the comfort of your own home.

50 of the most important topics to understand as a marketer.  From social media, to targeting, to sales funnels.

Hosted on a Thursday, we will follow up on the 50 Marketing Topics topic of the week, which is distributed on a Sunday night, giving you enough time to view the content, and prepare any questions you may have. 

These can be addressed during the webinar, which will be about practical implementation of the marketing theories / topics you learn.

Currently with 15% off, less than $300 for 50 weeks worth of interactive marketing teaching!

BYB Founder Daniel Hopper will host the webinars.  Daniel has over ten years experience in marketing, is a published marketing academic, and has lectured Marketing at Wintec.

The BYB Marketing webinar will be held every Thursday night, from 7.30 p.m. until approx 8.15.

The webinar will launch March 11, 2020.

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