Marketing for small business

New Business & SME

Many new business owners make the mistake of assuming anyone could be a customer.  The problem with this is, your marketing becomes diluted. 

For example - If you spend $100 on marketing to everyone, probably only $1 of that would be seen by the people most likely to be a customer. 

Instead, the whole $100 should be spent targeting the people most likely to be customers.  This is a lot more profitable, right?

Decide who your ideal client or customer is, and position your brand to be as attractive as possible to them.  Then you create branding and market your business to attract those customers.

This will increase your marketing return on investment.

We can help you do this.  We have packages tailored to small and new businesses who don't have a big marketing budget.

We also offer individual products and services.

Marketing for SME

Below is an example of the marketing services we can provide for new and small businesses.  We can provide other marketing services to suit your needs.

New Business


• Write your brand story
• Website / social media copy
• Social media strategy
• Understand social media training 
• 50 weeks of marketing subscription
One social media & branding training session 

Small business


• Online brand assessment
•  Brand story
• Website and media social copywriting
• Custom marketing strategy
• 3 sessions of marketing coaching 
• One social media & branding training session 
• 4 pieces of marketing content 
• 50 weeks of marketing subscription

Learn how to be a better marketer

Don't have a big budget? These options could suit you better.  Learn more about marketing and how to apply it to your business to attract customers.

50 Weeks of Marketing 

Become a better marketer - 50 marketing topics covered over 50 weeks.

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Personal Brand Workshop

Marketing strategies you can apply to grow your personal brand and influence.

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Linkedin Training

Use Linkedin to build relationships, and to reach more customers.

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