The story behind BYB Marketing

Not just another digital marketer... 

If you are a business owner, Does this sound familiar?

You're an expert at Plumbing. Or maybe Architecture. Or maybe it is Photography.

But not a marketing expert.

You'd like to do a bit more marketing to attract more customers, but you don't quite understand marketing as well as you'd like and how to apply it to the business.

This is a common problem for business owners.  Marketing seems like a luxury, where really it should be the foundation to help keep a pipeline of customers coming.

Marketing is an investment into increasing profits.

Marketing is in everything.  From your name to your place of business/website, your customer service, or the colour of the packaging.   This all influences the perceptions of your brand. 

Digital marketing companies often look after all the marketing for a business. The problem with this is, a lot of these companies are specialists in IT, not marketing. They’re specialists in coding or graphic design for example. They’re not necessarily marketers or branding experts.

Just like we're not coding experts!

There is unlikely to be much research behind their strategies, such as who competitors are, or what type of customer you want to attract.

This is where we are specialists.

What we do

The Eureka! moment

We want to help businesses improve their marketing

Hi, it is Dan,

I'm going to write this in the first person because it sounds weird in the third person.


Ever since I ran my first Facebook page in 2008 for the Student Association of Wintec, I've been marketing.

At the time, I was on the student committee whilst doing my marketing degree.

Fast-forward to 2015, and I was a real estate agent for Harcourts.

In real estate in New Zealand, we are all self-employed under the umbrella of the brand.  So we have to our own personal branding and marketing.   This was what attracted me to the industry.

Facebook was quite saturated with real estate agents marketing, but Linkedin had very few. 

I recognised this and started to position myself as the “Hamilton guy”, by creating content about my city. I figured it was important to know what was happening around town as a real estate agent, and it would be interesting content for people.

I started to regularly have posts surpassing 10,000 views on Linkedin without having to think much about it.  The content ideas came naturally.

However, the time and effort cost me precious real estate selling time. Real estate is one of those industries where it's all or nothing.  You live and breathe it.

I come to realise my passion for marketing was hard to escape, and I would never feel the same way about real estate. 

Sharing this passion with others is something that could really benefit their businesses.

Thus, BYB Marketing was founded to work with business to improve its brand and marketing to attract more customers.

More customers equal more profit!

Marketing Services

BYB Marketing provides marketing strategies to businesses to help their brand attract more customers. 

We help you tell your brand's story and create marketing that targets the right customers.

Research | Strategy | Content | Learning

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Located in Hamilton, New Zealand.

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Daniel Hopper

Founder & Marketing Specialist

From market research to lecturing, to selling ice cream and real estate.  If there's one thing I understand, it's marketing.  Read more

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